Icons and pictogrammes

Icons – idea and style

Our icons are designed in a linear style. They create an exciting contrast to the otherwise spacious design. Their angular appearance is derived from the brand field. The rounded shape with an opening represents a water tap. It is an important detail. This rounded shape is individually placed in a suitable spot within the icon. Only in exceptional cases may the rounding and opening be omitted.

Icons – construction

All icons are constructed on a 30×30-pixel grid with a line width of two pixels. They can be scaled freely from that size. The icons are constructed symmetrically. A pixel grid ensures a uniform structure. The icons are composed of geometric shapes. They are as minimalist as possible. In addition to the format boundaries, a white space of one pixel must be observed.

Sharp edges, consistent line width

Symmetrical design

Circular rounding – based on 2 pixel

Free space and line width are 2 pixels, the white space dot is 4 pixels big

The Space between the lines are 4 pixels (white space dot)

Pixel accuracy

Icons – 30 × 30 pixels

Icons are used in highly functional contexts or where there is a lack of space.

Pictogrammes – 48 × 48 pixels

All pictogrammes are constructed on a 48×48-pixel grid with a delicate line width of one pixel. They can be scaled freely from that size.
Pictogrammes are constructed using the same principles as icons, but they have a line width of one pixel with a spacing of three pixels.
Pictogrammes are more illustrative than icons, and they are normally used to illustrate more complex matters, such as certain product features or services. To visualise heat and cold, use the colours KWC Warm Red and KWC Cold Blue. See the Colours chapter on page 31.


Pictogrammes – lists

When multiple pictogrammes are listed beside each other, they are placed on a square background in KWC Skin. This ensures better readability and differentiates the individual product features.

Icons and pictogrammes – colours

Icons and pictogrammes are inKWC Deep Blue on light backgrounds. When placed on the bold colours KWC Red or KWC Deep Blue, they are in white.