Logo and claim

There are three versions of the KWC logo

  • Without claim
  • With a two-line claim
  • With a single-line claim

Rules for how and when to use each of these three versions have been established, and these rules must be complied with.

The two-line claim is in the font style ExtraLight, the single-line claim in the font style Light, so that readability is guaranteed especially in small image sizes.

Logo without claim
Logo with two-line claim DE
Logo with two-line claim EN
Logo with single-line claim DE
Logo mit einzeiligem Claim EN

Logo protected zone

The protected zone of the KWC logo is 1/6 of the logo width on all sides; this subdivision is marked X. No graphic or text elements may appear within this zone.

This protected zone must always be guaranteed. The reference values for the logo image sizes are explained under Logo Size.

Logo versions with claim are subject to the same protected zone.

Protected zone for logo without claim
Protected zone for logo with claim

Logo size

Reference values for the image sizes of all common formats are defined in the table shown.


For the common DIN formats, the width of the logo is always 3 units. This unit of measurement is derived from the format size, see Basic Elements Design Principle.

In the case of DIN format deviations, in order to avoid inconsistency and to create more standardisation, the logo size of the nearest DIN format is selected in relation to the relevant format size. The same logo size should be chosen for media that are considered connected or as one (e.g. letterhead and business card).

For extreme formats, the requirements of the medium must be taken into account, for example, whether the medium is viewed from a distance or whether it is viewed in connection with other media; the logo is adapted accordingly.

The same logo size is chosen for letterhead and business card, as they are considered connected or as one.

Reference values for all common formats. The millimetre specifications also apply as percentages.
The logo width expressed as 3 units.
Overview of logo sizes for different formats.
Same logo size for connected media based on the examples of letterhead and business card.
Roll-up: as long-distance visibility must be guaranteed here, the logo is extended to 4 units.

Logo colour scheme

The KWC logo colour scheme is used according to the following hierarchy:

01. General use
Primarily, the KWC logo is used in KWC Red, against the background KWC Deep Blue, White or an image background. On images, it is used in KWC Red or negative, depending on the background.

02. Relative to the brand
The logo is always negative on the colour KWC Red. This combination is used in connection with the brand.

03. 1C design
The logo is also available in black for 1C designs, for example, for less cost-intensive designs.

KWC Red on KWC Deep Blue
KWC Red on White
KWC Red on images
Negative on images
Negative on KWC Red
1C negative on Black
1C Black on White


The KWC logo must not be placed on a KWC Deep Blue background.
The KWC logo is never used with KWC Deep Blue.
The KWC logo is never used with KWC Deep Blue.
The KWC logo must not be backed with a framing surface.
The KWC logo must not cross out the product.
The KWC logo must not be placed on busy backgrounds.
The KWC logo must not be placed on busy backgrounds.
The KWC logo must not be displayed with transparency.

Logo positioning

The logo is so bold and strong that it can be placed freely in the layout. Any medium, analogue or digital, can be served with this variation.

Ideally, the logo should always be placed in a corner of the layout or the brand field. For media of a connected group, the logo has a consistent place, for example, for advertisements, supplements and brochures, see Basic Elements Design Examples.

Always note the protected zone of the logo and the protected space of the layout, which is defined by the units.

Depending on the application, the logo can also be used prominently (e.g. in the centre).

The logo can be positioned outside as well as inside the brand field according to the given rules.

This can be very helpful when working with busy backgrounds.

The logo has a consistent place when it comes to media that belong together. These are determined by KWC Group Marketing.

Free logo positioning
Logo positioning in the brand field
Examples of logo positions within and outside the brand field
Examples of logo positions for business stationery
Examples of logo positions for brochures

Logo with claim – variations

The combination of logo and claim as a unit is available in two versions and each in German and English. In exceptional cases, it is also available in Italian and French. The German claim is used in German-speaking countries, while the English claim is used internationally:

The claim is created as EPS and is mirrored in the same size as the logo. It is either below the logo or to the right of it.

The claim is as wide as the logo. In this version, it can be placed only below the logo. In this case, the logo and the claim are one single file.

No text in Red may be added to the logo. Only Group Marketing can approve exceptions.

Positioning of two-line claim
Positioning of single-line claim
Claim positioned next to the logo
Claim positioned below the logo

The old logos of DVS and the DEKO product brand are no longer used on their own.

The DVS brand and the DEKO product brand are given a new logo for the transitional period.

Brand architecture


Our trademarks are protected and may only be used by persons and companies who are contractually authorised to do so. We provide our logos in different versions so that they can be used in the best possible way across all media. These official templates may not be altered.