Imagery and image style

Essential for people

The living environment of humans is the stage for our products, and our products only truly come to life once people interact with them. Water flows. Pure, sensual, vivid snapshots turn our products into experiences and create emotional product photographs. The style is minimalistic and clear but never sterile nor cool. The shots take on a special, elegant character thanks to selected details and materials.

Imagery – scenes full of people, water flows

We prefer to showcase our products within the living and working environments of the people who use them, and we like to show them in use.
People interact with KWC products while water flows. Pure, sensual, vivid snapshots turn our products into experiences and create emotional product photographs. Close-up shots allow us to emphasise special functions and features of our products.

Imagery – scenes full of people, professional settings, water flows

We showcase our products in use in professional contexts. People interact with KWC products while water flows. To ensure the greatest possible
level of authenticity, all photographs are taken on location, in a real environment, whenever possible. This gives them a documentary character.

The subjects never look straight at the camera. They are being observed rather than posing or smiling deliberately for the camera. They are being
themselves, focusing on the task at hand. Ideally, we want to show real people at work.

Imagery – product photography Styling

KWC’s product photography always has a narrative or emotional level. The product photographs convey exclusiveness through special materials, intensive lighting moods and selected accessories.

Imagery – supporting motifs Water and humans

To tell a story, you can also work with supporting motifs that visually reinforce the represented content and context and make them more emotionally compelling. These may be abstract or concrete motifs. For example, you may refer to specific shapes, structures, materials, colours or concrete situations and moments.

The examples listed here complement the KWC product world at the emotional level. They  represent sensual, clean, hygienic moments.

Imagery – product photography free-form objects

Free-form objects are represented puristically. The products speak for themselves, while well-chosen perspectives perfectly set the stage for them, giving them an iconic appearance. The free-form objects are freely placed on spacious backgrounds. The KWC brand colours are preferable as background colours.

To ensure that the free-form objects are well anchored and embedded, they are given a slight shadow.

Imagery – product photography shadow effect

Free-form objects that are to beplaced in a spatial context for clear emphasis should be given a shadow effect. It supports the motif and amplifies the spatial effect.

The shadow must suit the perspective and lighting of the product and should not contrast too strongly. The lighting should be soft and diffuse. The shadow should have a transparency of about 15%, becoming sharper and increasingly contrasting the closer it is to the product. There should be few details in the shadow.

Its angle and length (size) are, of course, dependent on the perspective of the free-form object. In any case, the shadow must never be longer than the product or tower over it. It should be half as long as the free-form object at most and positioned at a relatively shallow angle to it.

Imagery – monochrome-blue image effect

To capture the heterogeneity and complexity of various brand images and scene photographs, you can convert them into Deep Blue.

This allows you to calm larger image compositions, deliberately draw attention away from images or homogenise very different images. For example, employee photographs, factory shots, event photographs, etc.

Imagery – monochrome-blue image effect Template

To convert the motifs into Deep Blue images, use the Photoshop template provided.
CMYK: Convert the image int o the colour profile “PSOcoated_v3.icc” (coated) or “PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52.icc” (uncoated) in CMYK mode. Now, save a greyscale version as a TIF file.
RGB: The picture can be directly saved as a greyscale image in TIF format.

Open the desired KWC template. Navigate to “File” > “Place and link” and place the greyscale image in the “Motif” layer folder. Move the image to its final position and use the “Gradient” settings layer to adjust the contrasts individually.

1. Zuerst wird das Bild in dem gewünschten CMYK-Format mit dem passenden Farbprofil in coated oder uncoated angelegt. Bei RGB Bildern braucht man diesen Schritt nicht zu wählen. Die aktuellen Farbprofile sind: PSOcoated_v3.icc PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52.icc
2. Im zweiten Schritt wählt man den Farbmodus Graustufen aus und speichert die Datei als tif.-Datei ab.
3. Nun öffnet man das Template im gewünschten Farbmodus. Unter „Datei“ und „Platzieren und Verknüpfen“ wählt man die eben gespeicherte Graustufen-Datei aus, und platziert diese in den Ebenenordner „Motiv“.
4. Um evtl. bessere Kontraste zu erzielen, kann man in der Einstellungsebene „Gradation“ die Werte des Bildes individuell anpassen.
5. Fertiges Motiv in monochrom Deep Blue.

Image style – general

The image style is characterised by high-quality aesthetics. It is minimalistic and clear yet never sterile nor cool. Special details and materials give the images their unique character and convey messages such as elegance, design-consciousness, precision and sustainability of materials. We present our motifs in a natural way to make them tell a credible story.

Our motifs are aesthetic and do not feel like advertising.

Note: The motifs shown here give you an idea of
the atmosphere, style, approach to details, materials and colours required. They show rooms with a personality.

Image style – public areas

The image style for public areas is also characterised by high-quality aesthetics. Because such environments are usually more neutral and functional, it is especially important to create an atmosphere through the deliberate use of light and perspectives.

Our motifs are aesthetic and do not feel like advertising.

Image style – perspective and detail

Bold perspectives present our products as effectively as possible. They give the products an iconic feel. Playing with angles – clear and straight,unusual and individual – creates a captivating dynamic overall. Interesting perspectives can draw particular attention to details such as form, material and function.

Image style – lighting mood

The lighting mood is natural and creates a pleasant, atmospheric effect. By playing with light and shadow, you can create tension and emphasise the depicted situation. When working with additional light sources, be careful not to sacrifice authenticity. The light showcases the products and their design features optimally without creating an artificial atmosphere.


We depict natural people with a personality, people who know what they want. They are confident and appreciate style and aesthetics as much as perfect functioning. Our characters are real. They are authentic and approachable. They fit into each depicted situationand the relevant product in the corresponding environment. Diversity is important and a natural aspect of our images.