The new  KWC brand portal

Together with its new brand identity, KWC has now launched its digital brand portal. All the information and digital tools needed for a uniform design and professional presentation of KWC-related media will be pooled and made available here in future. The brand portal will initially launch with the most important basic information. It will continuously grow, with new features being integrated in future to make the work even easier.

A new, modular brand identity

To date, corporate design is predominantly developed based on rigid format boundaries that work only to a limited degree. However, given the continuous changes in international communication and the challenges the premium brand KWC faces in its advertising work, such presentation formats are insufficiently flexible, functional and interactive.

This is why “modular design” represents the future of KWC – using simple components, all KWC brands, areas of expertise and media formats are covered in a simple, flexible and interactive way. It is important that the individual components are used as such to distinguish the brand. A modular design allows branding decision makers to utilise synergies and actively drive the transformation of the KWC brand.

The premium brand KWC is synonymous with outstanding design, meticulous workmanship, top-quality materials and high standards of hygiene and safety. This should also be reflected in the design. The logo, the strong brand colours, the typical brand field, the elegant typography, the independent iconography and the visual language represent the elemental basic components of the modular design. When creating the design, what matters most is to be flexible and highly creative while being guided by the respective medium and intended purpose. This results in customised and optimally designed experiences for every touchpoint that have the potential to reach and inspire the customer in their respective situation.